A brief Sweet History

Eating sweets or sweet food has been with us for a long long time. Honey was a popular, and likely one of the first sweet things to be enjoyed by people in Prehistoric days. In those times we ate sweets and Dinosaurs tried to eat us ! Sweet things made with honey and nuts

were recorded found in Egyptian pyramids, so Pick-n-Mix was enjoyed thousands of years ago. So we haven't really changed our taste that much since those days.

Middle Ages and through time saw desserts like preserved fruits, jelly and dried fruit start to appear for the well off set. Sugar became a favourite with rich folk.

Chocolate from the Americas came to Britain in the 17th century.

Getting tasty

A lot of modern sweets have links to the old Apothecary days, making the medicine go down better you might say

For centuries, people used liquorice as a medicine and so in 1760 an Englishman and would be Chemist named George Dunhill added sugar and turned it into a form of chewy sweet. So the process of sweet making took a turn for the good.

Licorice root to modern sweets

Notable dates

In 1847, a British company called Fry's produced the first chocolate bar.
In 1864, an Austrian confectioner working for Fryers of Lancashire produced a jelly based sweets named Jelly Babies.
In 1869 Kendal mint cake was invented.
1920s our British streets saw its first Ice Cream sales.
1930s as Chocolate cravens took hold big names were introduced to us such as
Flake, Aero, Milky Way, Mars Bars, Whole Nut bar, Maltesers, Rolo, Blue Riband and Kit-Kats to name a few !
1950s we seen Bounty Bars, Munchies and the Picnic.
1960s produced Topic Bars, Toffee Crisp and the Twix.
1970 onwards we got the Curly Wurly, Yorkie Bars, Double Decker, Lion Bars and the Wispa.

Family boxes saw All Gold, Black Magic, Quality Street, After Eight Mints and many more arrive from the 1930s.


Well our sweet tooth has never been more fun and popular. If we are happy at Birthdays or Weddings or sad and fed up we turn to our favourite sweets to keep us going. Happy Days :)

lollipops-swirls-in-wrapper assortment of chocolate chupa lollies

* Like historic events who knows exactly when and where things started or happened, just enjoy what we have.

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