Low or No Salt

This is our selection of sweets and treats that contain either no salt or low salt or just a trace of salt.

Popping Candy

Price £0.40
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Popping candy is a popular choice by kids and grown ups alike. Who doesn’t love the popping fizzy sensation on your tongue. Let your mouth explode with 2 different delicious flavours of strawberry and blue raspberry. A perfect pocket money novelty sweet.

  • - Strawberry and blue raspberry
  • - loud popping action
  • - Retro

Spearmint Chews

Price £2.80
Availability: 999 In Stock

An old fashioned sweet treat, these Spearmint chews take you back in time with there mouthwatering smooth natural spearmint flavour. They individually wrapped so you can take them anywhere and keep them anywhere (or even hide them anywhere!) 

  • - Chewy spearmint 
  • - Individually wrapped
  • - Traditional sweets
  • - Take them anywhere

Yorkshire Mixture

Price £2.80
Availability: 1000 In Stock

These Yorkshire Mixture are a traditional favourite in the old fashioned sweets. Whether you’re from Yorkshire or not everyone can appreciate these hard boiled fruit flavoured sweets. You get all kinds of sweets in this mix including pear drops , humbugs , fish and rock.

  • - Boiled sweets
  • - Fruit Flavoured
  • - Traditional sweets